NZ Panels Group is working hard to reduce its environmental impact right across the business. 

We have a clear brief to reduce waste and energy usage, increase recycling, transition the vehicle fleet to hybrid or electric vehicles and ensure our materials are sourced from those who align with our sustainability goals.

We only use electricity from 100% renewable resources and every production site is constantly looking and finding innovative ways to re-use, reduce or recycle waste.  This has lead to significant reductions in waste over the past few years.

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NZ Panels Group has a procurement policy which seeks to obtain evidence of supplier’s participation in either an accredited environmental programme or an independently verified commitment to energy and waste management, along with established product stewardship principles. The company aims to work with suppliers whose environmental goals and practices align with our own and chooses local suppliers wherever possible.

Looking after our native forests

The majority of our substrates are made from sustainably sourced New Zealand radiata pine.  For its native veneer panels, the company established a unique ‘Track my Tree’ verification system where customers receive a code for their veneer panels that can be entered into the Bestwood or Prime Panels websites to provide information on the logging permit, location and image of the specific tree used in that order. 

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Eco Choice Aotearoa

Eco Choice Aotearoa

NZ Panels Group has Eco Choice Aotearoa accreditation on all its veneeer and melamine panels, Adorno wall panels and for the solid colour range for Dezignatek thermoform doors.

Eco Choice Aotearoa across the company’s products indicate that products do not contain harmful ingredients and are made with consideration for the environment in terms of energy and waste management.

This means that they can be used to provide a valuable 3 points for Greenstar projects and 2 points for a Homestar building.

NZ Panels Group undergoes an annual audit from Eco Choice Aotearoa that covers responsible procurement, production, waste and energy management.

Waste management

NZ Panels Group is proactive at reducing waste and is working towards a goal of recycling 100% of all recyclable material and phasing out all materials that cannot be recycled or reused.

The company educates staff around minimising waste, with reduction and reuse being prioritised and recycling being the last option. As an example, the company’s Samples team uses wastepaper from the factory to reduce the use of bubble wrap as a protective packaging filler and is aiming to phase out all plastic where possible. NZ Panels Group reuses rejected panels as coversheets and are trailing other reuse options for offcuts.

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